Flat panel light

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Flat panel light

Good lighting is essential for several reasons: it allows you to see the environment and details around you, provides the right ambience, and can elevate the appearance of a space.

Illuminated Flat Panels

Traditional fluorescent panel lighting is often dim and unsightly, requiring panel removal to change bulbs and clean out dust and insects yuck! Flat panel LED lighting yields a beautiful, skylight appearance for up to 50, hours, while using half the power of traditional fluorescent bulbs. Less maintenance, lower cost, and enhanced appearance clearly make LED lighting the superior option. Flat panel LED lighting can provide the perfect source of light for specific environments.

To name a few, flat panel LED lighting is awesome for warehouses, offices, schools, and hospitals. However, deciding to use flat panel LED lighting is only the first step. Flat panel LED lights are available in back lit and edge lit variations, and each have their own pros and cons. View our selection of flat panel LED lights hereincluding 2x2, 2x4 and 1x4 options. The lighting source of an edge lit panel is found along the perimeter of the panel, which typically has a protective aluminum covering.

The light produced on the edges is then dispersed towards the center, producing a completely even, shadow-less light distribution. As an example, this type of lighting is great for industrial warehouses with shelving: as the light is evenly-dispersed, there are fewer to no shadows to obstruct vision between shelves. Since the LED light sources are along the edges, these panels are able to be produced thinner than ever before.

The slim panels allow for various methods of installation, including the ability to be suspended, recessed, or mounted. This variability makes for a sophisticated appearance depending on the space in which they are being used.

The light source for back lit panels is located just there - at the back of the panel. Light is distributed away from the source across the panel, and is evenly distributed into the space. Back lit panels are inevitably thicker to achieve a uniform dispersion of light, and therefore the options for installation are limited.

Although back lit panels may not have the slim and refined appearance of an edge lit panel, it's important to note their monetary benefits. They cost less than edge lit panels, meaning less money spent in the initial investment and more money for other projects! Also, fewer LED bulbs are required in a back lit panel since the light source is located in one area, as opposed to around the entire panel. Less bulbs equals less power used, greater efficiency, and more money saved in the long run.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Flat panels, in general, are mostly edge-lit, which makes them incredibly thin, allowing them to work very well in shallow plenum spaces.

Many come DLC standard or premium, which means they qualify for money-saving rebates.

flat panel light

Need a 5-year warranty? Employers love LED flat panel fixtures because their crisp and even white light can help boost productivity by reducing headaches and eye strain. Flat panels can be either edge lit or direct lit. In a direct lit flat panel, the light source emits directly from the back of the panel. They're typically a bit thicker, at 3 to 4 inches. Edge lit flat panels, however, illuminate from the sides of the panel. Their light is distributed widely, rather than focused, so they tend to be a tad easier on the eyes than their traditional fluorescent counterparts.

LED flat panels can help ease common ailments that employees under fluorescent lights tend to experience. This includes headaches, eye strain, neck pains, and lack of focus. LED lighting can help calm nerves and provide a more soothing environment for patients, visitors, doctors, and staff. Convenience and grocery stores also rely on flat panel lights to make everything underneath them look their best.

Why, you ask? They often have a high CRI, which makes the colors of everything on those shelves pop, in even and clear light. The result? Potentially more money for your customer. Not to mention, inviting, bright light helps make a store look much more welcoming at night, which tends to attract more customers.

Need a 2x2 flat panel fixture?JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.

You can return items to us within 30 days of receiving your order providing the goods are unused. Many of the issues that affect the performance of LED panels are universal to all LEDs, such as flickering, glowing, burnout and buzzing. There are some problems that specifically affect LED panels. The content on this page takes a closer look at these:. If your LED panel is failing and you are not sure of the fault, there is a quick and diagnosis you can do.

Try switching on the LED panel and check the table below. Detecting the problem and the likely cause is only half the battle. In the sections below, you will be able to find the solutions to these problems. An LED driver regulates the amount of power that flows through a lighting system. They play a similar role to ballasts in fluorescent lights. Drivers are vulnerable to overheating.

Even drivers that work correctly will be affected by heat over time. However using cheap, low quality drivers or the wrong driver will mean it is at greater risk of overheating sooner.

Quality LED panels are fitted with a heat sink made from a conductive metal usually aluminium which transfers excess heat away from the panel. If this heat sink is low quality, poorly fitted or not fitted at all then the excess heat can cause the LED chips in the panel to burnout. Not all LEDs are suitable to be fitted into enclosed fixtures.

LED panels are more expensive than traditional fluorescent tubes and for this reason consumers may choose cheap, low quality LEDs and expect the same performance from them as the leading brands. LED panels feature a number of components; if any of these components are low quality or faulty it can affect the overall performance of the LED panels. There are a couple of minor indications of quality such as a panel that is finished with powder coating rather than paint and a well-constructed frame however, the real marker of quality comes down to the material used to make the light guide plate.

PMMA has the best light transmission and durability but is also the most expensive — it is a high-quality product, but not the most affordable. PS offers good transmission, but it tends to turn yellow over time due to wear and tear and the effects of heat. It is a well-known issue in the industry and is often why these panels have a warranty of only 2 years.

It is the cheapest option of the three, but we would consider it a low-quality choice. It provides very good light transmission and is also durable, but at a lower price, is the most cost-effective solution. Some LEDs can last over 15, hours, meaning they should last an incredibly long time. For more information on dimmable LEDs read our guide here. Need Help? Click Here For Chat.

Delivery And Returns. Energy Saving Calculator. Returns Returns Information We understand sometimes things go wrong and we aim to make returns as simple as possible. Problems with drivers and voltage conversion Overview An LED driver regulates the amount of power that flows through a lighting system.

Problems Voltage from the mains power supply is va driver converts this to 12v or 24v to run the panel correctly. Although not technically a fault with the wiring, fitting dimmable LED panels with an incompatible dimmer switch will cause flickering.

Solutions Ensure your LED panels are compatible with the circuits, power supply and light switches they are running off. Invest in back-lit or central-lit panels where the LED chips are mounted onto the panel, rather than the edge of the panelas these panels feature built-in drivers which can help to reduce the problems with drivers outlined above.

Ask an electrician to check that the wiring in the lighting system is fitted correctly. Problems Poor quality or faulty heat sinks can cause LED panels to overheat and burnout.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Note: Please include as much details and relevant options about the item to help us match your request with an accurate price.

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Tell us about what you are trying to accomplish and one of our certified lighting specialists will follow up with you by the end of the next business day with product recommendations to suit your needs.

The simple fact that light emitting diodes are generally smaller than their incandescent and fluorescent predecessors allows for manufacturers of LED technology to design and implement a multitude of new shapes and forms for their latest light fixtures.

As the very fundamentals of what constitutes lighting design shifts and changes with the market viability of LEDs, it is highly likely we are going to see more and more products challenging the status quo and trying out new designs.

Many of these are going to be new takes on traditional lighting fixtures, but some will probably be fresh ideas that cleverly utilize the form and function of LEDs. One of the new lines of products that is reworking the very way we think about lighting fixtures is the LED flat panel category. These modern LED flat panel light fixtures are designed to be installed in applications where you would typically use a fluorescent trofferas well as with some new applications designed specifically around their new dimensions, which are much flatter and more streamlines than many of the traditional fixtures used commonly in the past.

In a nutshell, these LED flat panel lights are going to change a lot of things in the industry. The big difference between a flat panel and a troffer is the depth of the fixture. While a typical fluorescent troffer will be around " deep, new edge-lit flat panels are around a half inch thick, which is a big difference when it comes to lighting fixtures.

As you can imagine, this opens up many new possibilities in where you can place lighting in the various spaces in your building. When making a decision between troffers and flat panels, you have to take stock of all the advantages and disadvantages that each product will offer you. Since LED flat panels can be used to replace troffer fixtures, we figured it would be a good idea to follow up last week's post about troffers with this post about LED flat panel lighting options.

flat panel light

Flat panels should be considered for every application where you would use a traditional fluorescent troffer. For those looking for LED drop ceiling lights, they also fit into that category, as most troffers are also designed to fit snugly into the drop ceilings commonly used in most offices.

Along with some other uniquely shaped flat panels, most lighting manufacturers are producing standard 1x4, 2x2, and 2x4 flat panels so that they can be used in drop ceilings. However, that is not the only application. This fact also greatly expands the diversity of installation possibilities for LED flat panel fixtures.

It is possible to mount these to a wall, under a cabinet, or suspend them from the ceiling. Alternatively, if you are simply replacing lighting in a drop-ceiling, flat panels work there too. The other option would be "Direct Lit", a model which tends to be closer to 4" thick. Some of these models come with an option to add an emergency backup battery, so keep that in mind for your mounting location, as that can impact whether or not you want to opt for the battery or not.

So, if your lighting project is for a room that is currently using troffers, consider the new flat panel technology as a viable and generally more energy efficient option. There are over 30 flat panel products available for purchase right now on ShineRetrofits.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. The family includes a solution for every application requirement, from low wattage to high voltage, in standard sizes 1'x4', 2'x2' and 2'x4'.

The panels are fully dimmable, and may be combined with IntelliMax TM wireless lighting controls, for further energy savings in office, school, healthcare, and other commercial and industrial environments. Select FlatMAX models are available with an integral, remote-controlled motion sensor that can control multiple units via V connection. All models are DLC Standard or Premium listed, enabling facilities to take advantage of utility rebate programs.

Choose a product from the dropdown menu below or type in your specific model number and then click on the interactive map to see what utility rebates are available for that product in that state. Utility Rebates.

Lighting Layout. Marketing Material. Motion Sensor 39 Battery Backup Products 10 Clearance Product Filters. Size 1X4. Even light distribution LMrated chips ensure color uniformity Dimmable Cool operation Environmentally friendly Body provides heat sink and thermal control capabilities 50, hour life Flat Panels can be linked Installation depth of just 2. Hortica Case Study. Commercial Lighting.

flat panel light

American Fitness Case Study. What Differentiates a Flat Panel? Product Microsites. Sign up to our.Panel Light fits seamlessly within T-grid ceilings. Alternatively, the optional suspended mounting system can be utilized for maximum flexibility in fixture placement.

Powered by a dedicated Keystone driver and built with superior quality LEDs, Panel Light produces edge-to-edge, evenly diffused lighting that is remarkably consistent from fixture to fixture. The high quality light guide plate offers optimal light diffusion with no risk of yellowing over product lifetime.

This provides customers and employees with a noticeably more inviting and comfortable light than fluorescent ceiling light panels can produce. Keystone also offers new back-lit LED panel lights.

How To Install Surface Mounted LED Panel Light

Keystone offers complementary lighting layout services for our products, to help take the next step in bringing your project to life. We can provide answers to your lighting questions to determine how many fixtures you need, what types of lamps are best for your applications, and how to save the maximum amount of energy, all within budget. By utilizing industry leading lighting layout design software, we provide accurate and dependable application renderings.

For new constructions or retrofit, simply provide Keystone with a few key project details, and our lighting designers will get to work on your request. We may need to change this agreement from time to time, and you agree to be bound by future versions.

We reserve all rights not granted in this agreement. Restrictions: You may NOT: 1. Redistribute or use any image in a way that competes with Keystone Technologies. Specifically, you may not sublicense, resell, assign, transfer, convey, share, or provide access to the images or any rights in the images, other than as permitted in this agreement. Use an image to represent any product or service not belonging to Keystone Technologies.

Incorporate the image into any logo, trademark, trade dress, or service mark. Use an image in any unlawful manner or in any way that a reasonable person might find offensive or that would likely bring any person or property reflected in the image into disrepute.

Falsely represent that you are the original creator of an image. Use an image on any service that claims to acquire rights to the image.Our bright Edge-Lit LED Panels offer even light distribution and add a great look to any commercial or residential space.

flat panel light

For better, non-glare lighting, replace traditional fixtures in a kitchen or bathroom with flush fitting, edge-lit LED panels.

Request a Quote. Products Light Bulbs. Light Fixtures. String Lights. Grow Lights. Flash Lights. Dimmer Compatibility. Slim 1 Inch Profile Design. Instant on illumination. Lasts up to 45 years. No light bulbs to replace or dispose. Even light distribution.

Flush mount, perfect for lowing ceiling areas at home or in the office. Compare No products to compare Clear all Compare. Filter By show blocks helper. Product Region - Canada 18 US Watt Equivalent - 50 watts 1 65 1 65 watts 1 80 1 96 Watts 1. Brightness - 4 4 4 1 1 3 3 3 1 1 3 1 2. Product Life - Product Energy Used - 6. Product Base. Product Volts - 2 - V 3 V Technology - LED Product Color.

Product Beam Spread .


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